Spreadsheets, Calculators, World Wide Web & Smart Phone
Plotting coordinates(Key Stage 3 & 4) with engagement, differentiation & immediate feedback using Excel.

extends to Transformations(Key Stage 3 & 4) & Matrix Transformations(Key Stage 5) using Excel.

Loci(Key Stage 4 & 5)
a real life demonstration of loci around a fixed point using Youtube.

Binomial Distribution(Key Stage 5) graphical representation using Excel.
Graph to show Binomial(6, 0.15) based on a cricketer scoring a ‘Four’ in an ‘Over’ with probability 0.15

Box Plots(Key Stage 4 & 5) comparative box plot for the Edexcel data of gusts of wind at Heathrow in 2015 and 1987, guess which is which? using Casio CG50.

Revision Notes GCSE & A Level  easy access using Google Sites and Short cuts on smart phone.


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