During this unprecedented period of lockdown I would like to offer, without charge, one hour of online maths tuition a week, to a student whose parent is a key worker.  My expertise is focussed on year 7 to 13.
I have tutored students online since 2016 after completing an online tuition course.  You can see samples of my lessons below.  Please check my DBS here and this can be verified as current upon registration when my date of birth can be provided.  I have a safeguarding policy which requires a parent or guardian to make themselves known at the start and end of a session and to be around in the background during a session.
Please email jforsythe@passion4maths.com for further details.

Online tutoring is a fantastic resource to share teaching across continents and locally when useful.
For a short example of a lesson click on either of the video clips below(one using Twiddla & the other using Bitpaper).  I currently use Bitpaper only.
For information, I use a WACOM board to write on the screen.   The student typically use a mouse or a touchpad.
Please note that I attended an online course to hone my online tutoring skills.  We were partnered with another adult tutor to practice online teaching each other.  My partner was a Maths teacher in San Francisco.

For further information about Online Tutoring check out the Blog post from the Tutor’s Association  here.

Current Students
Year 13, Hertfordshire, OCR A Level Maths
Year 12, Hertfordshire, OCR A Level Maths
Year 10, Hertfordshire, OCR GCSE
Year 10, Hertfordshire, AQA GCSE
Year 8, Kent
3rd Grade, Charachandpur, India

Previous Students
Year 13, Hertfordshire – OCR A Level Maths
12th Grade Home School, Tennessee, USA – PreCalculus. Revision notes
11th Grade Home School, Tennessee, USA – Geometry.
9th & 10th Grade Home School, Tennessee, USA – Algebra 1 & 2.
First Year University, Nottingham Trent – Statistics for Business.

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