Online tutoring is a fantastic resource to share teaching across continents and locally when useful.
For a short example of a lesson click on either of the video clips below(one using Twiddla & the other using Bitpaper).  I currently use Bitpaper only.
For information, I use a WACOM board to write on the screen.   The student typically use a mouse or a touchpad.
Please note that I attended an online course to hone my online tutoring skills.  We were partnered with another adult tutor to practice online teaching each other.  My partner was a Maths teacher in San Francisco.

For further information about Online Tutoring check out the Blog post from the Tutor’s Association  here.

Current Students
Year 13, Hertfordshire, OCR A Level Maths
Year 12, Hertfordshire, OCR A Level Maths
Year 10, Hertfordshire, OCR GCSE
Year 10, Hertfordshire, AQA GCSE
Year 8, Kent
3rd Grade, Charachandpur, India

Previous Students
Year 13, Hertfordshire – OCR A Level Maths
12th Grade Home School, Tennessee, USA – PreCalculus. Revision notes
11th Grade Home School, Tennessee, USA – Geometry.
9th & 10th Grade Home School, Tennessee, USA – Algebra 1 & 2.
First Year University, Nottingham Trent – Statistics for Business.

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