Stats revision notes
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Pure Topics see separate page
Statistics Topics
Sampling; a basic understanding
Single Variable Data; line charts, dot plots, stem & leaf, box & whisker, cumulative frequency, histogram.
Bivariate Data; Scatter graphs, regression lines.
Averages & spread
Probability; probability trees, sample spaces, Venn diagrams New
Discrete Probability Distributions; In a table, Binomial.
Normal Distribution New (previously S2)
Hypothesis Testing; proportion in Binomial, mean of a Normal
Pearson’s Correlation coefficient New
Modelling using a Data Set  New
Yes, a knowledge of the Geography of England & Wales will help!



No longer in the Maths A level but included in Further Maths
Arrangements & Selections
Geometric Distribution
Equation of a regression Lines
Spearman’s Rank

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