Lesson 1
A first lesson for familiarisation, putting it into context and making it colourful.

Lesson 2
A second lesson using the OCR Large Data Set; sum a row, column, use formulae(max, average), add a sheet, copy rows, format cells & produce a comparative bar chart.

Useful note ‘Using population shows that the population has increased and that new residents are travelling by train or working at home. Whereas using proportions would get rid of the impression that car use was identical.  Each choice has benefits ‘

Lesson 3
A third lesson using the OCR Large Data Set; Calculate measures of spread, range, interquartile range & standard deviation, check the standard deviation calculation & produce a cumulative frequency graph.

Lesson 4
A fourth lesson using the OCR Large Data Set; Look at why ‘proportion’ is useful for this data, Produce a Box Plot with GeoGebra & look at what is the definition of an Outlier here.

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