My Approach – To work well with the student, parents and school.
To have fun while learning, be flexible, patient, encouraging and understanding.

After initial contact from a new student;
Send a welcome response as soon as possible.
Either gather further information or arrange a 15 minute consultation.
Take some initial details; Name, age, a contact(email or mobile), parent details, current education, topics to support, interests, special learning needs.

Main purpose – for the student and I to establish an initial rapport.
Others purposes – to gather further information regarding current education and support needed.

After the initial consultation with a new student;
The student to decide if a session or sessions with me is the best way forward for them.
For me to decide if I can offer the support needed.

After agreement to proceed with support;
Fill in a Registration Form(Up to GCSE, A Level)
Draft a plan of action and share with the student, make any amendments as necessary e.g. A timeline to the next assessment/goal.
For me – Prepare a file with tabs for admin/syllabus/lessons/past exam questions.
For the student – Prepare a folder for work and notebook.

Typical Session(Venue; Online)

Catch up(5 mins) – Find out how the week has been.  Are there any queries? A chance for the student to say what help they need this week.

Warm up(5 mins) – For example; 5 quick questions leading into the topic for the session or 5 reminder questions to include learning points from a previous week.

Feedback(10 mins) – Hand back work assessed with feedback. Address any queries.

Lesson(35 mins) – Introduce the topic for the session based on the plan of action or if  necessary meet a more urgent need based on information gathered in the Catch up.  Teach the topic; teaching strategies to include examples with the use of ICT, visual resources and questions related to the students interests where possible, making it as real as possible.

Conclude(5 mins) – Reflect on the session; learning achieved, new skills learnt and make a note in their OneNote.
Prepare for next week; advise on practise, reflect on the topic for next week and amend if necessary.

Follow up
During the week contact the student to find out how they are getting on, wish them well in an assessment or activity.
Contact parents as agreed or appropriate to keep them informed of progress.

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