Please find below three introductory videos; one each for OCR, OCR(MEI) and Edexcel.
I hope you find them useful.  Please let me have any feedback to inform the production of further videos, thank you.



This video is now part of history!  New video for 2020 in the pipeline.

Some lovely Feedback so far;
A grateful local teacher.
‘Firstly huge THANK YOU!  We were feeling a little out of our depth regarding teaching the large Data Set.  Your first two videos are great and give us a fabulous base.  Big question …. when will the third one be ready?’

A teacher all the way up in Derbyshire!  So excited they are travelling🙂
‘Hi,  At the end of your videos you say any feedback is greatly appreciated.  I just wanted to say they are amazing.  Thank you so much. I will be taking my y12 classes to the computer room this week to work through them as I have just done.  Thanks again’

FMSP/AMSP have referenced these videos in their  Spring 2018 Newsletter (page 3 bottom right).

From OCR

From MEI

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