Slowly getting into this new Core Maths qualification (Introduced 2014, first assessment 2016).  Just checked out one of the text books today and saw a Chapter on ‘Cooking a Roast Dinner’ – that says it all!  How I could have done with lots of practice on getting the timings right for a Roast😂
Some notes; Core Maths is aimed at students achieving a Grade 4 or above who are not taking AS or A level Maths.
The focus is on the ‘use’ of Maths rather than the content.  The students need to ‘question’ the facts & outcomes of their calculations.

Some ideas for lessons

First Payslip lesson‘ – here is one of mine.
Introduces lots of finance terminology; salary, wage, fiscal year, basic income tax rate (29% here), personal allowance (£2335 here) & would cover estimations; tax, NI and percentage calculations.  Guess the year?

Estimate the number of bricks
A proud day taking students to see a feat of engineering on our doorstep.  Followed up with a lesson on estimate the number of bricks used to build the viaduct.

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