Mechanics Revision notes
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Mechanics Topics
Kinematics; SUVAT(constant acceleration)
A Fun Example;  My friend jumps from a height of 85m, the bungee is taut at 80m – what is her maximum velocity?
Use v²=u²+2as.  u is initial velocity(zero obviously!!), a is acceleration(Newton discovered this, use 10m/s²) and assume no air resistance.  Now all you have to do is convert to something meaningful like Km/hour or miles/hour.

Non uniform acceleration; v=ds/dt, a=dv/dt
Projectiles; using vertical & horizontal vectors
N1L(Newton’s First Law)
N2L; F=ma, using Vector notation New
N3L; Trailer, Lift, pulley examples
Resolve forces
Frictional forces; coefficient of friction
Moments; forces around a point New


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