It has been quiet on the Blog post as we have been busy preparing for the new specification A level mocks, waiting for the results and reflecting on the outcomes.  Finally, today I finished my last run through of a mock paper.  (This year I am covering OCR, OCR(MEI) & Edexcel).  The main feedback from the results is that time pressure and the longer problem solving/modelling questions in the second half of the paper are challenges to overcome.  I have recommended to my students to discipline themselves to sit down and do sample papers under timed conditions.  Regarding problem solving, we are working through sample papers from all the boards, completing the review exercises in the textbooks and will pay particular attention to the problem solving questions.  Crash Maths have also been a good source of practice papers.
For practising the core skills the new specification alpha workbooks are a good resource.  They cover the basic formulae, notes and methods with a good coverage of questions and hints if needed.  Answers are provided at the back of, what is, a handy sized booklet.  There are three booklets for AS and three for A level.
Topics earmarked for extra attention:-
i) Binomial expansions; finding a term for eg (1 +  1/x)3(1 – 3x/4)-4
ii) Changing an exponential function to linear & back again.
iii) Mechanics; Projectiles starting above the ground.
Topics still to come
iv) Integration, lots of different cases.
v) Differential equations.
vi) The Normal Distribution.
Three months less two days to the first paper, we have our work cut out.

New A level post mocks
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