Exciting times keeping up to date with the New A Level syllabus. Already met a few surprises; sketching a derivative graph – what sorcery is this(not sure anyone got it at Uni)! Certainly builds a deeper understanding, just hoping it sticks through to the end of the year(video drafted here so a constant source of revision), at least they’ll find it easier once they have done lots more of the  routine differentiation.  Sketching a polynomial is another interesting one, using a graphical calculator makes it so much more fun, very little angst about the general shape.  Keeping up to date with revision notes for Pure & now Stats(so far)
As for the Large Data Set; up to a TRILOGY for OCR & TWO for Edexcel.  Thrilled to receive an email from the local secondary school who have found & are making use of these.  Love the emoticon reminders for modes of travel and weather conditions.

EdexcelWell done to my students for coping with all the changes so patiently & with good humour.

New A Level so far!

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