We made it through Year 1!  Following my post on 12th November 2017 here is an update after a full year of teaching.
No further surprises on topics, perhaps worthy of note was needing to know:-

The definition of an increasing/decreasing function
Proof by exhaustion – just try every value until you are exhausted😂
Notation e.g.p ⇒ q means p implies q

Revision notes all up to date for Pure, Stats & Mechanics for Year 1 and I have already made a start on Year 2.  If you spot any errors, omissions or misrepresentations please let me know at [email protected]. I have not yet included notes in Mechanics, on what to me, seems like an increase in focus on the use of vector notation; for example
For the Large Data Set; up to FOUR for OCR, a TRILOGY for Edexcel and I have made a START on OCR(MEI).  Emoticons for OCR(MEI) are
Following the public exams this summer it seems it was well worth knowing about ‘The Great Storm of 1987’ which occurred in October, so glad that I included that one in my Edexcel introductory video.  An interesting trend in views for this particular video can be seen here
The public exam for AS Statistics was on 23rd May 2018!!  Just shows that some students do leave it until the last minute.
Regarding the boundaries for A level Mathematics 2018, for an A grade

EDEXCEL   184/300             61%
OCR              197/300             66%
OCR(MEI)   197/275             72%

And it is worth remembering these were taken by students covering the two year A level syllabus in one year, the ‘fast trackers’ who will, most likely, go on to do Further maths.

The New A Level – One Year In!
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